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Why Regular Air Conditioning Services are Important

Let us begin with this image!

Air Conditioning Service

It says a lot doesn’t it. Yuck and to think someone has been breathing in this filth night and day. 


Regular Air Conditioning servicing is important to maintain your units efficiency and to ensure that you and your family are breathing in healthy air. Otherwise you may be stuck with a nasty bill or potentially the replacement of the unit all together.


Are you wondering if your Air Conditioner is due for a service? Below are some signs that it might be:

  • Mysterious sounds
  • Bad smells
  • No cool air
  • Increase in temperature
  • Decreased air flow
  • Leaks
  • Build up of dust and dirt within the filters


If you come across any of the above signs with your Split System or Ducted Systems we recommend contacting an Air Conditioning specialist who will assist you with the servicing repair and ensure your unit continues to provide you and your family the air conditioning comfort you deserve.

Air Conditioning Service

Much better!

 Air Conditioning Service & Repair