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Why You Should Use a Licensed Air Conditioning Specialist Over an Electrician

You may have noticed over the last year that many Electrical companies are also offering Air Conditioning installations. Electricians are now able to attend a 2 day course to receive their Certificate II in Split Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Systems. However this course limits them to install Air Conditioners under 18kW.

While it may be great for them as it provides an additional service offer for their business, the simple fact is they aren’t as familiar with the work as a qualified Air Conditioning Specialist and there is a chance they could install your unit incorrectly, resulting in leaks, insufficient air flow, incorrect product choice based on room size and more.

It's a funny thing, from time to time COLDCOAST Air Conditioning is called on by Electricians asking questions regarding how to install a unit (eek!) or subcontracting the work to us anyway.

While we support a bit of healthy competition (no, we aren’t saying that electricians aren’t the brightest sparks, they are very skilled tradesmen!), it is also our responsibility to make sure that consumers are aware that an Air Conditioning Specialist will always be your best bet for quality, safety, maintenance & price.

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