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MyAir Series 5

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Experience the latest in cooling systems

The new MyAir series 5 is the most advanced air conditioning control technology on the market. This system utilises an 8inch android tablet to control airflow around your home. What sets the MyAir system apart from the rest, is that each zone has its own thermostat, which allows the user to control the temperature in different parts of their home

How the MyAir Air Conditioner can transform your space

The MyAir air conditioner installed by our COLDCOAST team is so much more than simply a means to heat or cool your home; it is an innovative home hub that completely transforms your lifestyle ensuring the ultimate in comfort. Controlled by an 8-inch tablet, you and your family have the power to not only control the temperature but enjoy a wide range of features, from browsing the internet, checking the weather, viewing photos and so much more, all from the one device.

As the A/C element is activated via a cutting-edge app installed on the device, you can essentially control your system from anywhere in the world. Now you can come home to a perfect environment to relax and unwind. Adding to your complete control, you now have the power to say exactly how warm or cool you want each area of your home. This is not only ideal for comfort; it is also great for saving money as you only use A/C in the rooms you are using.

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