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Split System Air Conditioner

Split System

Considered one of the most common and popular styles of A/C, split systems are a great way to cool or heat your home. They are a cost effective and a more economical alternative to ducting, COLDCOAST can help with the two different types of split systems and can provide both sales and installation into your home.

COLDCOAST can provide you with a quality selection of split systems direct from our online store.

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Ducted Air Conditioning


Ducted air conditioning is the most versatile way to condition ambient air. Due to a vast amount of products available to us, we can personalise your ducted air conditioning unit to suit anyone’s needs. These products include single and multi-head ducted air conditioner, multiple controller option, Wi-Fi integration such as MyAir 5, personalised zoning systems and many different grille styles. We recommend Daikin, Fujitsu, Panasonic, Actron and Samsung as these well-known brands have dedicated countless man hours to design, test and produce the best quality air conditioning system for any application and have the backing to suit

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The new MyAir series 5 is the most advanced air conditioning control technology on the market. This system utilises an 8inch android tablet to control airflow around your home. What sets the MyAir system apart from the rest, is that each zone has its own thermostat, which allows the user to control the temperature in different parts of their home.



Smart home lighting systems are no longer a luxury. Not only does MyLights cost substantially less than other smart lighting systems and is more energy efficient, you benefit from the quality and reliability of an Australian made system.


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