Preventative Maintenance

Your first call for service, maintenance or breakdowns.

At COLDCOAST we have a dedicated team for your preventative maintenance needs. Our highly skilled technicians are equipped to assist with all types of service & repairs, regardless of the brand, system location or size.

Split System Servicing

Most manufacturers will recommend that you arrange to have your split system unit professionally serviced every 12 months.

What is involved?

Our comprehensive service will include the following:

  • Remove all indoor unit panels (chemical clean + pressure wash)
  • Indoor coil (chemical clean + pressure wash)
  • Drain pan (chemical clean + pressure wash)
  • Air louvres (chemical clean + pressure wash)
  • Fan scroll (chemical clean + pressure wash)
  • Fan housing (chemical clean + pressure wash)
  • Filters (chemical clean + pressure wash)
  • Drain flush (chemical clean + pressure wash)
  • Reassemble unit & check operation
  • Condenser coil and panels (chemical clean + pressure wash)
  • Condenser drain pan (chemical clean + pressure wash)
  • Fan blade (chemical clean + pressure wash)
  • Check unit operation
What is the cost?

$180 inc GST per Split System unit

Ducted System Servicing

Similarly to Split Systems, most manufacturers will recommend to service your ducted system every 12 months.

What is involved?

Our basic service will include the following:

  • Remove filters & wash (chemical clean + pressure wash)
  • Flush drain/drain trap
  • Inspect drive belts (if applicable)
  • Inspect indoor unit general operation
  • Inspect indoor unit fan bearings
  • Inspect outdoor unit coil
  • Inspect outdoor unit general operation
  • Inspect outdoor unit fan bearings

We also offer a full comprehensive service. Contact us to find out more.

What is the cost?

$199 inc GST

Commercial Servicing

Our team understands that life is busy and that regular maintenance is at times forgotten about. It is however important to stay on top of to ensure it does not become a financial burden to the company due to the cost of repairing or replacing equipment.

Our Service & Maintenance agreements will provide each client with piece of mind in knowing that we will reduce disruption to the business whilst also reducing running costs.

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