Preventative Maintenance Contracts

Our Standard Preventative Maintenance Contracts

COLDCOAST Air Conditioning & Refrigeration

Our standard Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Maintenance Agreement provides basic coverage for the parts of your systems & units which require frequent service. Please refer to the Parts list for specific parts coverage under our agreement.

Any parts not listed and the labour associated with their replacement, will be billed at the prevailing parts and labour rates.

Environmental disposal fee is included as a covered item under the agreement as it relates to covered parts, items replaced that are not covered may be subject to this fee.

Also included is a Preventative Maintenance Inspection, which provides the following:

  • Full dilapidation report
  • Commissioning of VRF system and all ventilation equipment including VSD configuration and air-flow reports
  • 12 x monthly Preventative Maintenances on equipment listed above
  • Additional refrigerant charge if needed
  • Full tutorial on system operation
  • Full set of certificates
  • Airflow balancing
  • Our technicians can assist with any queries on system operations
  • Replacement Parts/Materials or Additional Labour where install error has caused issue
  • Replace any part still under warranty
  • Full service report issued after each service


  • Break down call out charges not relating to install error
  • Additional Indoor/Outdoor Unit Coil Cleans
  • Duct cleaning


  • Low pressure switch
  • Air handle circuit board
  • Time delay relay
  • Blower motor
  • Metering device
  • Condenser fan blade
  • Crankcase heater
  • Running capacitor
  • Condenser motor
  • Blower belt
  • Contactor
  • Blower control
  • High pressure control
  • Non-digital thermostat
  • Fan relay
  • Refrigerant, 300g Max
  • Starting capacitor


Our Service & Maintenance Manager Luke is available to speak with Monday – Friday, 7am – 4pm. He can work alongside you to provide a contract specifically tailored for your business needs.

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