About Us

“A refreshing team to have in the industry”

Our Vision

To be known as the No.1 company who ‘does it better’ within the Air Conditioning & Refrigeration industry on the Gold Coast and Brisbane.

Our Mission

We were founded on the belief that quality should never be compromised. We consistently deliver reliable air comfort and cooling solutions for every customer or client.


Established in 2013 on the sunny Gold Coast, COLDCOAST prides itself in its ability to deliver quality air conditioning & refrigeration products, installations and maintenance across a variety of residential & commercial spaces.

Our team is led by Jason du Buisson, the Managing Director, who has over 10 years experience in the air conditioning & refrigeration industry. After working for businesses that maintained a strong focus on profits and neglected the quality & service, he believed it was time to make a difference by introducing COLDCOAST to the industry on the Gold Coast.

Our team of highly qualified air conditioning technicians & refrigeration mechanics, along with our team of customer service & sales representatives, each strive to provide a seamless experience from beginning to end. Above all, meeting your needs is our top priority.

Jason du Buisson



Jason is the captain of the COLDCOAST ship, steering ahead with his laptop in one hand and hardhat in the other. Known for his easy going attitude and friendly smile, this fella can often be found hittin’ the hills on his bike or making a “quick” Bunnings stop with his two little ankle biters in tow.

Emma du Buisson


Office Manager

Emma is the go to woman for administration, marketing & accounts. You will often find her clicking away between an Excel spreadsheet and Photoshop. When she isn’t multi-tasking in the office, she is often found running a muck with her two cheeky boys.

Rylie Robinson


Administration Coordinator

Talk about well organised. Rylie is the queen of order and she does it all with a friendly smile on her face and upbeat attitude. If you have ever called our office you will know exactly what we are talking about. #onehighlyproductivewoman

Jason Busby

Jason B

Account Manager – Service & Maintenance

This man is honestly the energiser bunny in human form! From the moment he wakes till the minute his eyes close he is switched on and ready for anything that is thrown his way.

Angus Jones
Angus Jones


Consultant/ Technician – Domestic Projects

If this bloke were in the Mr Men series, he would certainly be known as Mr Reliable. His mind is always at least 5 steps ahead, so you can always be sure that every little detail is considered well ahead of time.

Mitch Coonan
Mitch Coonan


Consultant/ Technician – Service & Maintenance

This legend brings solutions to the table wherever he goes. He isn’t afraid of a challenge whether it be in the office, on site or on the footy field.

Scott Larson
Scott Larson


Technician – Commercial Refrigeration

What an asset Scott is to our team. Without a doubt the most knowledgeable when it comes to commercial refrigeration. The man loves to tinker, whether its a ice machine or an old Mercedes he is always making improvements.

Luke Mitchell


Technician – Residential & Commercial Air Conditioning

This champ is a great addition to the COLDCOAST team. Providing consistent quality when it comes to his work and his one liners. We look forward to seeing him take a lead role in some exciting projects in the near future.

Lachy Golden


Technician – Residential & Commercial Air Conditioning

Not many companies can boast that they have their very own Clark Kent (aka Superman). Lachy has the hair, the glasses and the skill to save the day.

Ray Rehua


Technician – Residential & Commercial Air Conditioning


Troy Rui


Technician – Service & Maintenance

Jake Van Laarhoven


Apprentice Technician

While he may be the “young one” in the team he is certainly not shy. Jake always steps up when the opportunity to learn more is presented to him. We look forward to seeing him become our next qualified “fridgey” in 2022.

Josh Evans


Apprentice Technician

Josh has just recently join the COLDCOAST team, however he isn’t a stranger to us. We have enjoyed Josh’s contribution in the past with various other projects. We are glad to welcome him back.

Jakob Hiroti


Apprentice Technician

Jakob is the “newbie” at COLDCOAST. While we are still getting to know him we can immediately tell he has a great deal of potential. Welcome Jakob!

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