Case Study: Green Leaves Childcare Kenmore

Client: 5Point Projects Project Cost: $145,813 Products: Air Conditioning Systems Mechanical Ventilation With just over 140kw of Daikin VRV systems installed, nearly 500m of copper pipework and nearly 700 human hours, the Green Leaves Childcare Centre in Kenmore is set to keep the little ones and teachers cool through summer and warm in winter. WithContinue reading “Case Study: Green Leaves Childcare Kenmore”

Case Study: 203 Nineteenth Ave, Elanora

Builder: Shoredan Projects Project Cost: $22,000 Products: 1 x 15.5kW Daikin Ducted System 1 x 10kW Daikin Ducted System 1 x MyAir Control System Due to the complicated layout of the home, 1 x ducted system would not suffice as the ducts could not be run from one section to the other. The solution toContinue reading “Case Study: 203 Nineteenth Ave, Elanora”